Global Education Conference 2013

Global Harvest Project: Connecting Community through Co-developing Transdisciplinary Curriculum

Your Name and Title: Melda N. Yildiz, Teacher Educator, Global Scholar, Edupreneur

School or Organization Name: Kean University

Co-Presenter Name(s): Hector Santiago, Dana Large

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: New Jersey, USA

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): P12 Teachers, Teacher Educators, Teacher Candidates, Media Specialists, Librarians and Higher Ed Faculty

Short Session Description (one line): Situated within the context of teacher education, this presentation advocates a transdisciplinary project based curriculum revolving around global nutrition, food ethics and politics as a means to promote global education among undergraduate students while developing global competencies and 21st Century skills.

Presentation for Global Education Conference 2011

Liberating Curriculum from Monolingual Textbook to Multilingual Mobile Open Source - Melda Yildiz, Associate Professor
WhenThu, November 17, 8am – 9am
DescriptionMelda Yildiz, Associate Professor Kean University, Union, NJ SESSION TITLE: Liberating Curriculum from Monolingual Textbook to Multilingual Mobile Open Source
STRAND: 2011Curricular TARGET AUDIENCE: This presentation is for educators (Teacher Educators, K-12 Teachers, Librarians, Teacher Candidates) who would like to integrate global education, 21st Century teaching skills ( and new media technologies into their curriculum. LANGUAGE: English PRESENTING FROM: New Jersey, United States SESSION LINK: SESSION DESCRIPTION: This presentation outlines innovative multilingual and multicultural multimedia projects using mobile technologies; offers creative strategies for producing media with youth and developing Web 2.0 projects integrating 21st century skills; and showcases multimedia projects and digital stories from Central Asia and the US.

Presentations for Global Education Conference 2010

PBL[g]: Project-Based Learning [global]. See how a university program is integrating a global approach to Project-Based Learning, often in partnership with local and international schools. This presentation will begin with a definition of Project-Based Learning, with a global twist. We then move to unique teacher preparation program, where pre-service teachers are given course assignments requiring them to work with local and international classrooms that lead to the development of rich, authentic projects. The integration key learning technologies into these global projects will also be presented. We will conclude with a discussion on how classroom PBL initiatives can be transformed into global activities.
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WhenMon, November 15, 12pm – 1pm
Description"TITLE: Studying Language, Culture and Religion on the Silk Road: Global Education Project PRESENTER: Melda Yildiz, Kean University (USA) ELLUMINATE SESSION ROOM: https://sas.ell nlp?sid=gec2010 &password=D.F91 45CD48D5562106F F3FC0A5C4E5E FORMAT: Open Discussion LANGUAGE: English SHORT DESCRIPTION: This discussion session opens forum for dialog among educators on the role of Global Positioning System (GPS) and Social Interaction Software (SIS) in developing a global education projects in teacher education; offers creative strategies and possibilities for integrating GPS and Web 2.0 technologies into the K-12 curriculum with limited resources and equipment; outlines teacher candidates reactions and experiences with new technologies; and showcases their curriculum projects. The project was developed while teaching interdisciplina ry technology courses and collaborated with students and colleagues in Turkey, Turkmenistan and USA. The project explored wide range of meanings participants associated with new media and technologies; impact of GIS and SIS in teacher education; and ways in which participants integrated new media into their projects. Teacher candidates and teachers argued challenges and advantages of handheld devices and SIS as classroom tools; developed skills in integrating global education into their curriculum and deconstructing existing curricula for improving student outcomes. WEBSITE: TRACK: Curriculum"
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WhenTue, November 16, 12pm – 1pm
Description"TITLE: Fulbright Narratives from Turkmenistan PRESENTER: Melda Yildiz, Kean University (USA) ELLUMINATE SESSION ROOM (open one hour before session): https://sas.ell nlp?sid=gec2010 &password=D.3C0 F294D7BB3BC4CFF E4AB4BD7E651 FORMAT: Presentation LANGUAGE: English SHORT DESCRIPTION: Join us for a discussion of the US Fulbright Program through the eyes of Fulbright alumnus and university professor. Consider ways in which Fulbright program activities can be integrated into undergraduate university programs. SPONSORING PARTNER: School for Global Education & Innovation, Kean University TRACK: Global Issues"
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